• Site Rules & Etiquette for EV Users

    Do not park in front of the charging station if you are not charging your vehicle.

    Do not leave your vehicle in a designated stall after your charging session is completed.

    Limit your charging session to 4 hours maximum or when charged has completed.

    Configure your ChargePoint account so that you receive email or text messages when your vehicle is fully re-charged and please move your vehicle as soon as you receive notice.

    Do not unplug other vehicles charging at the stations.

    Rate Structure. When you use the station your ChargePoint account will be charged $1/per hour for the first 4 hours. After 4 hours the rate increases to $5/per hour.

    It is your responsibility to monitor your connect time.

    Vehicles that violate the above will be ticketed. Repeat offenders may have EV and site parking privileges revoked.

    ADA EV stalls can be used by everyone, only if there are no other EV stalls available.

    The above rules are subject to change at any time by the Property Management team.